Performers for 2014

Join us for the premier North Bay family fun event!

Tentative Schedule of Events
(subject to change)

  • Schedule coming soon
Please note: Aircraft and flight display schedules are subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding in the event of changes.

Don’t Miss These Additional Attractions

Kids World

Wings Over Wine Country Air Show is great for families and kids. We'll have a HUGE Kid’s World with jumpies, inflatables and rides to excite kids of all ages at very affordable prices. We’ll also have a fun trackless train for kids and their parents. And there'll be a terrific assortment of great food and novelty vendors.
  • Jurassic Survivor
  • Big Slide
  • Tiger
  • Carrousel
  • Survivor Titanic
Chuck Aaron Red Bull Helicopter
Chuck is the only civilian-licensed pilot to fly an aerobatic routine in a helicopter. With awesome skill and showmanship, he does things with a helicopter you won't see anywhere else. Watch as "Malibu" executes back flips and 360-degree barrel rolls... crazy maneuvers that will thrill and amaze you.
MV-22 Osprey Demonstration
The Marines are back! This time they're bringing their tilt-rotor Osprey demo team. Watch with awe as this marvel of technology takes to the air with its powerful turboprop engines enabling it to take off and land vertically and rotate forward for horizontal flight. It's definitely an aviation sight to behold.
Greg Colyer
Greg amazes crowds in his T-33 Shooting Star that showcases the capability of this Korean War era two-seat version of the P-80 fighter jet. His graceful and powerful jet routine is a wonderful reminder of early U. S. jet technology and the brave pilots who flew these beautiful aircraft.
P-38 Lightning "23 Skidoo"
There are only about seven flying P-38s left in the world. Thanks to our friends at Planes of Fame, you'll see one fly! They are also bringing a rare early-model F4U-1 Corsair. We expect both to fly on Saturday and Sunday.
Frank "Dr. D" Donnelly
Frank is the doctor of the air as he guides his clipped wing Taylorcraft through an amazing aerobatic routine. His incredible talent becomes evident as he performs loops and rolls, as well as a breathtaking engine-off (deadstick) landing.
Dan Buchanan
Crowds are always thrilled by Dan's aerial ballet in his NorthWing hang glider. His incredible performance is a beautiful combination of smoke, streamers, special effects, and often something unexpected. There isn't anyone who pilots a hang glider better or with more style than Dan.
Jacquie Warda
Jacquie flew her first air show performance at the age of 50, and since then has performed in over 100 airshows nationwide. She's risen quickly in the ranks of air show performers, raced at Reno, and likes nothing better than to tear up the sky with her 300-hp Extra 300!
Famed Air Show Announcer Danny Clisham
The SkyTalker will keep you in the Top Fun zone. You are listening to the announcer with more awards and honors than any other announcer in the history of air shows! Now fasten your seat belts, folks... you're going for a ride!
Lots of Warbirds
Wings Over Wine Country is well known for the warbirds and other classic aircraft that fly in, many making flight performances and many others on static display. No warbird lover should miss it!